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Most desirable choice for your back!
Apex Series - Ghost Edition

Apex Series - Ghost Edition

₹ 34,999₹ 32,999

Inclusive of all taxes

Apex Series - Arancio

Apex Series - Arancio

₹ 34,999₹ 32,999

Inclusive of all taxes

Apex Series - Pretty Pink

Apex Series - Pretty Pink

₹ 34,999₹ 32,999

Inclusive of all taxes

Apex Series - Arctic White

Apex Series - Arctic White

₹ 34,999₹ 29,999

Inclusive of all taxes

Apex Series - Marine

Apex Series - Marine

₹ 34,999₹ 32,999

Inclusive of all taxes

Apex Series - X11 Gray

Apex Series - X11 Gray

₹ 34,999₹ 32,999

Inclusive of all taxes


Most trusted chairs by the Industry Leaders

Colonel Arvinder Singh

Since inception, we have partnered with brands that symbolise innovation, excellence and a new-age approach to business. With their futuristic chairs, Cybeart have created a niche for themselves at the international level and continues to grow.

Gujarat Titans

Chief Operating Officer

Jai Shah

We're glad that a Premium Gaming Chair company like Cybeart has entered the Indian Esports market. I truly believe that Cybeart chairs are the most comfortable chairs, not only for gamers, but for people of all professions. We look forward to a great partnership between our teams.

Orangutan Gaming

Co-founder and CFO

Yash Bhanushali

As someone who is an avid gamer, I understand the importance of a good chair, and Cybeart has been successful in providing the best chair that there is in the market.

Orangutan Gaming

Founder and CEO

Colonel Arvider Singh from Gujarat Titans on Cybeart Colonel Arvider Singh from Gujarat Titans on Cybeart
Jai Shah - Orangutan X Cybeart Jai Shah - Orangutan X Cybeart
Yash Bhanushali - Orangutan X Cybeart Yash Bhanushali - Orangutan X Cybeart


We stand by our product with a commitment of years!

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Trusted by The Best

Global brands including Cybeart make localization their mantra to tap into $2.6bn Indian gaming market


Forbes India

Cybeart has certainly made things significantly more comfortable for me both when I am working or playing a game. It improved my concentration as well, as I did not constantly have to worry about back and shoulder pains which, in turn, helped in improving my productivity.



Toronto-based Cybeart may be a new kid on the block but it's quickly made an impact with its best-in-class gear and a deal with Warner Bros

Games Radar +

The most impressive brand debut in gaming chair history
On a technical and aesthetic level, these chairs are ultra-high-end.


Luxury Gaming Chair brand from Canada, Cybeart, forays into Indian Gaming Market


Times Now News

Revenant Esports signs up Cybeart as its official chair partner


financial express

Cybeart, Canada’s luxury gaming chair brand entered Indian Market


To get featured, mention @cybeart_in and #cybeartsetup #cybeart on Instagram.

Shakshi Shetty

Adarsh Singh

Shagufta Iqbal

Saloni Kandalgaonkar

Ankita Chauhan

Kamaljeet Singh


Trust the Reviews from #CYBEARTSQUAD.
Brad Boyd

Too comfortable I love it so comfortable it puts me to sleep. Turning the arm rests when I'm in "serious" gaming mode is cool too..

Sourasith Souvannarath

Kids love it Amazing and easy to built. My first gaming chair and I might say, feels so good! Worth every penny

Katie Desroches

Great Chair! Chair is excellent! Very comfortable and good quality. Was easy to assemble as well. Company has great customer service too!

Daniel Blondin

This is what I call a good Gaming Chair. Love the chair it is a MUST BUY! Easy to assemble, shipping is fast!

Jorge Pellegrini

Great quality, Amazing design, Fast shipping. I have bought 3 chairs and 3 matching illuminated mouse pads all easy to assemble, superior materials than competitor.

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Bringing the brand to the Indian roots.

Jan 2020- Cybeart was founded and established in Toronto, Canada. With gaming/office chairs being the flagship product, Cybeart was incepted with a vision to revolutionize the industry with research-backed high-end products.

Oct 2022 - Cybeart has entered India with their First Cybeart Originals and Special Edition lineup.

"The products are perceived really well by consumers in Canada and countries in Middle East. I've been working on India launch for past 1.5 years and I am really excited to bring Cybeart to my Indian roots. We are bringing our army of premium chairs and will change how comfort & ergonomics are perceived in India." - Krutik Patel, Founder and CEO, Cybeart.