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Global brands including Cybeart make localization their mantra to tap into $2.6bn Indian gaming market


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Cybeart has certainly made things significantly more comfortable for me both when I am working or playing a game. It improved my concentration as well,



Toronto-based Cybeart may be a new kid on the block but it's quickly made an impact with its best-in-class gear and a deal with Warner Bros

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The most impressive brand debut in gaming chair history
On a technical and aesthetic level, these chairs are ultra-high-end.


Luxury Gaming Chair brand from Canada, Cybeart, forays into Indian Gaming Market


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Revenant Esports signs up Cybeart as its official chair partner


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Cybeart, Canada’s luxury gaming chair brand entered Indian Market




Extended hours work or gaming, enjoy the world-class comfort from chairs developed by R&D.

Cybeart Supreme PU Leather

You're probably worried about leather wearing out or peeling, getting hot while sitting! Say good bye to all of that. Now stronger than ever, Cybeart's Supreme PU leather gives our chairs an outstanding longevity while also keeping you cool as a result of breathable leather.

Certified by TÜV SÜD to last more than 200,000 abrasion cycles, the PU leather on our chairs is ten times more durable than the industry standard leather (lasting only 20,000 cycles).

In addition to abrasion cycles, all the tests are carried out by keeping environmental factors into consideration such as long-term colour fastness to light & rubbing and resistance to moisture from sources such as humidity, perspiration or body sweat, color fastness to light & rubbing etc.

Along with Improved Flexing, Scratch & Abrasion resistant and Envrionment protection, our SUPREME PU Leather is also supported by a fleece lining of 3D polyurethane microfibre layer that enhances durability, absorbs moisture, increases breathability, maintains coolness and ensures perfect fit.

In every category, the results are the same. Cybeart's Supreme PU Leather outperforms the competition.


Cold Cured Foam Seats

Unlike other chairs that use a memory foam seat, we use cold-cured foam material in the seats and backrest to create a gaming chair that provides unmatched comfort and support.

The Cold Cured Foam is firmer than regular foam and always retains its shape for years together.

Our seats won't let you sink in the chair like memory foam seats. The moment you start sinking in the chair, the backpain starts as it disrupts your posture. Our seat provides enough upward pressure to support your body. The strategically placed air-pockets in the foam creates a perfect balance between firm and soft seat; offering you impeccable comfort and support.


Inbuilt Adjustable Lumbar Support

You get lumbar support that is light years beyond what you could possibly get from a standard office chair.

Common issue with lumbar pillows is that it will be slide off everytime you get up from the chair and it has to be adjusted back when you sit back in.

We've completely eliminated the pillow and engineered the chair with integrated adjustable lumbar support. With a simple twist of knob, you can adjust the depth of the lumbar support to match your back curve and keep your spine in its natural alignment.

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4D Arm Rests

The premium PU leather padding on the 4-dimensional adjustable armrests gives our gaming chair a luxurious feel. Designed with grooves that will embrace your elbows and provide perfect arm support, the armrests on this gaming chair are an often overlooked but very important detail.

Up, down, left, right, forward, back, turned in or turned out, the 4-dimensional armrests are adjustable in any direction. Our armrest uses buttons to facilitate these movements. Hence, as compared to regular armrests that do not use buttons, you do not have to worry about accidental changes in positions when you move your hand.

Keeping your arms in the right height and angle is a critical design feature, one that will reduce strain on your shoulders by promoting proper alignment and facilitating good ergonomics. The wide range of adjustments makes it easy to find the perfect position for any body type.


Memory Foam Pillow

All Cybeart chairs come with a complimentary premium memory foam pillow that can be easily attached with an elastic strap. Infused with cooling gel, the pillow renders cooling feel to your neck for prolonged period of time.

With the velvet plush cloth and the perfect softness of memory foam, Cybeart's memory foam pillows take your comfort to the next level.

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Multi-Tilt Mechanism

When you add a back-rest that can recline up to 165° and a seat that can tilt up to 30°, you get a gaming chair that facilitates legendary levels of relaxation.

You can lock this gaming chair at your preferred angle or let it act like a rocking chair. Rocking tension can be futher adjusted using the tilt-tension knob under the chair.


Wheel Base and Casters

We've reinforced the chairs like none other by using the wheelbase which is made from ADC#12 Aluminium alloy. This facilities the chair with unmatched durability.

Even while tilting or reclining, this heavy duty base will ensure that the chair doesn't even move an inch.

Our 75mm XL Wheel Casters are padded with PU coating to ensure smoothest rolling capacity. PU coating also protects all kinds of flooring from scratches created from the chairs using ordinary wheels.

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Class 4 Gas Lift

The seamless seat height adjustment provided by our BIFMA-certified heavy-duty class 4 gas lift makes it easy to safely adjust this gaming chair for people of any physique.


Certified by world's top established industry standards

Tested and Certified to be the Best! Be worry free with our products backed with warranties beyond industry standard.




Extended 5-Year Warranty

Extraordinary Service for Extraordinary Customers.

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. Cybeart Gaming Chairs are well designed and manufactured after intensive R&D; keeping quality and durability as priority. However, if anything happens, we have got you covered for full term of 5 years with our Extended Limited Warranty.

With base warranty of 3 years, learn how to claim an additional 2 years Free Warranty by clicking the link below.

Register 5 Years Warranty *Read the full warranty policy

14 Days Trial. Have peace of mind and try our chair for 14 Days and return it back to us if it doesn't suit you. LEARN MORE

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